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Central Georgia Technical College Technology Operations Impact Discussion

I’m working on a business discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

From  what was learned through the Operation Management Course, which topic  do you believe will have the most significant impact in your career and  why?

Lastly, respond to at least one (1) post of your peers.

Hello class and Professor,

It has been a great joy to learn so much from the coursework, professors, and all of you. I wish all of you great success in the future. Keep your nose to the grindstone and continue to learn in every class that you take. Each course gets you one step closer to the ultimate goal!

This week’s discussion post reflects what topic we believe will have the most impact on our careers and why?

The topic that I found most impactful and could influence my career the most is operations strategy. I have worked for various service organizations in the past and gained a deeper understanding of the trade-offs that any business would go through concerning how they deliver corporate objectives through effective operational strategies. I reviewed the different types of operations strategy frameworks and then thought back to how each organization I worked for had essentially applied different frameworks in different ways to impact the organizational outcomes I realized that this is a good way for me to view how the company that I work for goes to market and whether or not they can be successful.

I worked for a small regional grocery chain early in my career and can now see how there were disconnects between the corporate strategy and the operations framework. Managers delivered metrics that did not line up with an accurate view of both the operations infrastructure or the corporate objectives. After I left the company, they were out of business within five years. The company I most recently worked for is beginning to travel down a similar path, and as their business model has changed within the past few years, they seem to be struggling to find a straightforward way to show line-level managers and employees the connection between the work and the corporate objectives.

Reviewing the operations strategies of healthy companies caused me to see how the connection between the competitive priorities, corporate objectives, and operational strategies is a tricky balance, but when companies get these elements right, the business thrives.

I wish all of you well in your future endeavors.

Have a great last week! 


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