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Central Texas College Interpersonal Perception Question Discussion

  1. Journal 1: Perception – discuss how you and a chosen friend/family member/ romantic partner used interpersonal perception in a specific interaction.
    • One theory or concept for analysis**
    • 1 single spaced page in length
    • The description section should be no more than 1/2 page in length
    • Use only concepts/theories from Chapter 3 for this entry.
    • **Please follow these directions so there is nothing left up to my imagination of what I think you are talking about.**I am often asked “What is the difference between a theory and a concept?” A theory is most obvious because it usually is named “____ Theory” such as Standpoint Theory or Expectancy Violation Theory.” A concept is any term you find in the textbook that describes an idea presented in the chapter. You can think of a concept as a vocabulary word or subsection heading. So, halo effect or primacy effect in Chapter 3 are concepts.

      ** Each entry MUST be organized exactly as outlined below:

    • Description:
      Context: Type the context at the top of this section (you will write the context of the interaction – where and when it occurred.) If you are unsure of what we mean by context of interpersonal interactions, read about it online and in the text. Remember, we use theory to explain, not general terms. For the Challenges Entry, your incident will focus on just one challenge from the following: jealousy, termination of a relationship, the impact of distance on a relationship, or deception. See the textbook and online lessons for information about how theories and concepts help us understand challenges in important relationships.
      2) Interaction: Here, write the actual event, giving enough detail of what occurred so the analysis will be easily understood. Most people find it easier to write in a narrative form rather than a dialogue form, but it is your choice. The “Description” portion is about ½ page in length.

    • Analysis: 1)Concept/Theory: Begin by writing the name of the theory or concept (USE CAPS AND bold face so it is obvious to me) and write a 1 or 2 sentence explanation of the theory or concept, so it is clear you know what the theory or concept means. The theory or concept you choose should come directly from the chapter applying to the lesson. So, for the conflict journal, the theories and concepts you use to analyze your experience should come from the chapter dealing with conflict. 2) Application: Now, APPLY the theory or concept to the event you have described above. In this area you will explain why this theory or concept helps us to understand the interaction YOU PROVIDED IN THE “Description.”
    • NOTE: Short entries will lose point
    • ***NO FLUFF – I want theory application.The bulk of your writing will be in the Analysis portion, not the Description portion. Read and understand the theory or concept, show me you know why and how the theory or concept explains the event you describe. Read the sample provided.


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