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Central Texas College Personal Statement Master of Engineering Management Paper

Paper detalis:

I am applying to Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering – program “Master of Engineering Management”

You will find below what I would like to mention in my personal statement:

1. I am currently working in Northwestern University IT department as a System Administrator.

2. I am leading innovative Automation project, that will automate many manual workflows and will greatly impact entire Northwestern University IT department by delivering services with efficiency.

3. Outside of the work I have my own small part time business Online IT Bootcamp called “Key Academy”, “Key” stands for Keep Educating Yourself. I teach AWS Cloud Architect course, Automation, best practices as well as just general guidance to navigate young professionals their career. I teach after work and on weekends. This is project started as a volunteering project at the beginning of covid-19 pandemic. I have tought 8 students for three months for free, and 5 of them found jobs as a junior system administrator and internship in one of the Chicago IT companies. I saw that I could make this world little better by making an actions and helping people to find their path.

The question that I need to answer in my personal statement:

1. Why are you applying to the Master of Engineering Management program at Northwestern University? Please include in your answer why you are interested in engineering management as well as your career goals.

I am interested in this program because the next 3 years of working in Northwestern IT my team and I will be transforming all the manual job that we do today to the modern automated workflow. As a I am lead of this innovation I need to be able to communicate with stakeholders and with other departments of Northwestern in language of business. I am also interested to learn in this program how to drive Organizational changes as a changes we are making and going to make will impact entire Northwestern IT.

This program will give me an opportunity to apply everything that I will learn right a way, as I would like to enroll in part time program.

As a long term goal I have a growing an idea to launch a startup company. 


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