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Central Washington University Concept of Variation Discussion

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This week are talking about showing data graphically and diving into the concept of variation.

For your discussion this week, we want you to respond to the following prompt: What are some examples of variation in your school, home and/or work life?

Requirements: Please list 3 examples of variation you see in your life. Each example needs to include what is the process called (what do you refer to it as?) and at least 1 type of variation you see within that process. It is okay to reuse the example process for 1, 2, or all 3 of the examples you choose, as long as the types of variation you see are different.

Example 1: I have 4 cats who generally enjoy getting wet food in the morning. Some mornings only 3 of them show up.

Example 2: My commute to Highline College is usually about 18 minutes. Sometimes I get there in 13 minutes, other times it is 25 minutes or longer.

You must also respond to 1 other student’s discussion post. Do you relate to that example, do you have additional examples to share with that same process? Make a connection with a response that is 4 sentences or less. If using an outside source as part of your contribution, please reference that source at the bottom of your reply.

Please response to the following of a classmate’s post:
“1. Pumpkin seed recipe: I just made roasted pumpkin seeds yesterday with my friends. my dad recipe says that you have to cook them for for an hour and a half tops. However when we were cooking them we left them in the oven for 2. still taste great
2. Wake up: another variation in my life is the time i wake up. Since i don’t have any lectures in the early morning i wake up without an alarm. i normally wake up at around 8:30-9:00 however i do occasionally wake up at to my alarm at 9:40 telling me to get to my lecture.
3. Feeding fish: I try to make sure all my goldfish get the same amount of food (3 pellets each) but sometimes Juliet bullies Doll and steals her food making me put more in so that Doll can eat. I would think that they were doing this on purpose to get more food but they are goldfish. devious goldfish.”


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