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Central Washington University Week 1 Change and Rejection Discussion

1 Initial post: After reading the chapter(file attached below), watching the lecture, watching the TED talk(Link:…), and/or listening to the podcast, what questions or reactions do you have? In your post, provide clear background referencing the TED talk, lecture, podcast, or chapter so we have a common place to start from.

2 Responses: For the replies, ask questions that could further the person’s thinking.
Please response to the following two posts:
Student A:
“After watching the TED talk “What I learned from 100 days of rejection“- Jia Jiang, I was so impressed with the way he improved himself for each time of rejection. For the first time of rejection, he had run, and I can be sure that not only him, I think most the people would run as fast as they can when they got a rejection and not except me I think because of feeling sad and shyness inside our emotion. The funniest part of his speech, I think it is the bogs that he made and recorded himself after got rejected, and he showed us the changed after those rejection times. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often- Winston Churchill, it is so true in Jia’s situation, and as the definition in our textbook, change is often considered a sign of progress and improvement. The changing of Jia appeared in the second time – request of Burger refill, and he stayed calm and did not run and explained for the Burger refill, and he learned from that. After many times of rejection, he even could teach in a University about his “rejection experience” by an ask. This can seem a big change for him from the very first rejection till the lecture. In our lecture, the professor had said that “changing is always happening, happening in our body, neighborhood and our organization”, and by the changing, Jia is so successful with his TED talk today. But, Did the change always good in a positive way? For example, yes by COVID-19 so we need to change from an in-person class to an online class and the online classes made me feel like less communication and more introverted when I do everything at home.”

Student B: While reading the chapter, TED talk and going over the lecture video, I was trying to relate the concept of organizational change with my life and I realized how the whole academic system has changed after Covid. We had to stopped attend in-person classes and go entirely online. For me, the first two quarters were like a real struggle to understand the process of online reading and writing. Faculty, students, and teachers, no one was prepared for this drastic change. We had to figure out how to take classes online, take exams, and do many things to continue the learning process. As a result, we started to have zoom meetings and use different software programs to see each other and communicate. These changes are all fascinating to me.
I cannot agree more that communication triggers change, and I also think rejection is necessary for social change. At first, the virtual environment was uncomfortable for everyone, and now we are getting used to it. They introduced different features to make it work, such as other chat rooms for new groups. Then, they introduced the responduslockdown browser to take exams to get the same environment as an exam hall. I can see there are inventions and continuous improvement as stated in this chapter. Speaking of books, we used to read books and newspapers in our hands, and now most of us read online looking at the phone or computer screen. I wonder, if we get too comfortable with the virtual environment, it is not impossible we don’t want to attend in-person classes anymore. “


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