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Chapman University Islamic Teachings and Ideologies Questions

Find a piece of media (song, movie, magazine or newspaper article, commercial) and dissect it like a sociologist. What are the messages being sent through this media? What’s being said? Who is sending that message (Hegemonic power, who are they? Disadvantaged group, who are they?) What underlying social values and beliefs are within it? What social problems is it addressing (if this applies)? What sociological concepts can you use to dissect and understand this piece of media?

Make sure to use various sociological concepts to unpack your piece of media. I am expecting to see at least 2 concepts used. BOLD and Underline the concepts you use. 

This is also single-spaced, 1 page.

the second one 

Think about how you’ve been socialized. 

Pick a belief that you have. It can be about a stance you take on a controversial topic, religious belief, a belief based on your political leanings. 

Explain your belief and consider it from a sociological perspective:

How did you come to have this belief? Who were the “agents of socialization” (parents, peers, teachers, coworkers) that taught you about these beliefs?

How did your belief evolve or even change (if it did), over time? Did you evolve or change as a result of your belief? (Remember, our personalities change and grow over time, as do our beliefs). 

Are your beliefs in line with societally accepted values, or does your belief challenge them? How so?

You’re essentially placing your belief in the greater sociological context, understanding where it came from and how societal forces helped shape it. 

Underline and Bold at least 3 sociological concepts you’ve included in your assignment that we spoke about in our discussion on socialization (or even previous lectures). Make sure to DEFINE the concept when you use it, and then apply it to your paper. 


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