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Chapter 13 Evidence Based Practice Plan for Future Healthcare Managers Essay

Interview with a Manager, Part 1 is designed to help you, future healthcare managers, to learn how current healthcare managers identify and address problems at their facilities using different types of evidence.

Be sure to read through the entire assignment including the Evaluation and Grading Criteria before starting, so you’ll know what you will need to do to complete this assignment and be able to ask clarifying questions should you have any.


After reading Chapter 13, you will interview someone who serves as a manager at a healthcare facility. Use the following items as a guide to conduct your interview with the manager:

  1. What types of problems do you most frequently encounter in your managerial role?
  2. Give a specific example of a problem that you or your team had to solve at your organization. What was your process like?
  3. What stakeholders did you involve in the process of addressing your problem? Why was this important?
  4. How do you define ‘evidence’? 
  5. Do you use an EBM approach? If so why? If not, what alternative approach do you use and why?
  6. If you do use an EBM approach, what sources of evidence do you use in your management projects?
  7. Do you see any barriers to using EBM? Please explain.
  8. Do you think an increase of EBM at your facility would be a valuable resource tool? Why or why not?


Submit a detailed summary of your interview findings that incorporates your interview into your paper to the appropriate Dropbox folder by the due date.

The paper should have the following bolded headings:

  1. Introduction – Provide details here of who you interviewed, describing their role and the organizational structure of the facility.
  2. Discussion – Include your interview information and align what you learned from your interview subject with the theories discussed in the course.
  3. Conclusion
    1. Pull it all together. What were the implications from what you learned from your interviewee?
    2. Critically assess whether an EBM approach may or may not be of value for this manager at this facility.


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