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Chapter 3 & 4 Developing Operational Definitions and Goal Statements Questions


Use Times New Roman Type, with 12 cpi. Margins may be half an inch or one inch. Include the question (single-spaced). Then space two lines, and include your answer, single-spaced. Space two lines, and write out the next question, etc. NEVER use more than double spacing anywhere in your assignments.? I HAVE THE FILES OF THE CHAPTERS. FILE IS TOO LARGE TO UPLOAD. I WILL HAVE TO SEND TO EMAIL FOR DESIGNATED TUTOR!!!!!!? 

A. H  Please read Chapter 3 and answer the following study questions based on it.

1.  What do the authors say is the essential beginning step of practice.  After reading this chapter, explain why you agree or disagree with the emphasis they place on this.

2.  Describe 2 guidelines which can be helpful in developing operational definitions (pp. 60-63).

3.  How do goals differ from client problems?

4.  Describe two components of specific goal statements.

5.  How may group goals differ from individual goals?

6.  Who should have the predominant say in establishing goals?  Come up a plausible exception to this general rule.

7.  After consulting Table 3.2, select a client concern, and describe an operational definition for it, a verifying source, the goal of the intervention, and a link between the intervention method and the problem.

8.  Write out a thoughtful question or comment about this chapter.

B.  Answer the following questions based on Chapter 4 of the textbook:

1.  What are said to be the advantages of setting up a systematic recording plan?

2.  Describe any three of the steps in developing a recording plan.

3.  What are said to be the advantages of charting (recording on graph) data?

4.  What is meant by concomitant variation.

5.  In SSD graphs, what do A1, B1, A2, and B2 mean? 

6.  Go to the home page of Microsoft Word.  About 3 inches from the top left margin you will see a rectangular box which has the name of your Typeface.  Under this are two symbols, X2 and X2.  Click on these and figure out how to create subscripts (tiny letters below or above the regular letter.  Working on your own (do not cut and paste the example below), type out the following.  Do this perfectly:

IreallyLovesocialWorkevaluationResearchI really do!

If you do not use Microsoft Word, figure out how to do this with the wordprocessing system you do use.  You will need to make use of the subscript and superscript features in order to describe SSDs in text.

7.    Write out a thoughtful question or comment about this assignment.

D.  Watch one or more of the following videos, 

How to Make a Single-Case Graph Using Google Docs

Video Tutorial for Making a Line Graph in Excel 2007

How to Make a Line Graph in Excel

Prepare a simple line graph depicting the outcome measure on the vertical (y) axis and time in some units (hours, days, weeks, etc.) on the horizontal (x) axis.  Provide suitable labels for each axis, and include at least six data points per phase.  Attach this graph to your Assignment A for this week, and submit it along with the other work, all on ONE document please. The graph should reflect the treatment of ONE client, and use ONE outcome measure, and ONE treatment.  DO not use any color in your graph.  Use only black and white or shades of gray. Use an actual data point to depict actual data points.  Do not draw lines of data as lines without specific points on if.


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