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CHEM 280 WCU Vinegar Concentration Using Titration Method Presentation

To do this presentation (minimum 6 slides, in PPT), we are giving you the type of acid, acetic acid, the type of base, NaOH to be used, and you will use phenolphthalein as the indicator. You will create a mock titration experiment and use your own hypothetical data (volume of vinegar, Molarity of NaOH and volume of NaOH for three trials) to solve the titration calculations (consult me, if you are in doubt). At the end of your presentation, you will show the unknown concentration of the acetic acid (Molarity) and will also show the % mass/ vol of the Vinegar solution.

  • Your presentation must consist of more than merely a series of bullet points to earn full credit.
  • Use the Notes section for each slide to fully explain your answers.

To include in the presentation: Part 1

    • Title page
    • Purpose of a titration, what is titration and why do we perform a titration?
    • Include your thoughts on why understanding acid/base titration is important to your future career, and how you will use this concept as you complete your degree.
    • Instrumentation- what are the instruments, glassware used when performing a titration.
    • Chemicals and Procedures. What chemicals are needed? List and explain the procedures for this experiment (refer to Lab Manual pages 227-230)
    • Observations and expectations- List the observations and write your expectations. This might include color change and when the equivalence point (endpoint) might be reached.

    Part 2

    • Calculations and Results. Show all your step-by-step calculations and write your results, the Molarity of the acetic and the % of the acetic acid.
      • HINT: use Part A on page 233 as a template.
      • Remember sig figs in calculations to properly express your final answers (molarity and % mass):
        • addition/subtraction -> fewest decimals
        • multiplication/division -> fewest sig figs
    • Reference page (in proper APA format)

    This assignment should be in current APA Style with both a title slide and a reference list that includes all of the sources used. At least two scholarly sources should be used

  • Your chosen concentration of the base must have three decimals (e.g 0.100 M or 0.150 M or 0.200M ,etc). Hint: sig figs for your future calculations

Below I have attached some photos of my book, if needed go ahead and use those for example purposes.


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