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  1. How many grams of saturated fat does this

food contain per serving?

  1. If a person were to eat 2 servings of this

product, how many calories from fat

would they consume? Remember fat has 9


  1. On the label shown the % Daily Value for

sodium is provided as well as the milligrams (mg) of sodium. How does this amount compare to the sodium recommendation/limit?

  1. Would you consider this a high or low sodium

food? (hint: refer to daily value for sodium)

Explain your rationale:

  1. Approximately what percentage of calories

from fat are provided in one serving? Remember fat has 9 calories per gram and will need to do a little math here.

  1. How many grams of carbohydrate would you

consume if you consumed 2 servings?

  1. In 1 serving of this food, how many calories

are derived from sugar? Hint: sugar is a

carbohydrate (and we learned about this in the text).

  1. Is this product a significant source of vitamins

or minerals? (hint: >10% represents a

significant source)

9. Would you recommend this product? Why

or why not? Be specific and thorough to demonstrate your understanding of label reading.