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CI 5033 ACE Creating Safe and Supportive Classroom Reflection

For this model’s assignment, you will complete a self-assessment of your competencies, activities, and compliance with standards, then reflect on your potential leadership strengths and areas for growth. Next, you will interview teachers to discuss current school issues/concerns and the role of teacher leadership in resolving them.

Connecting with other teachers allows you to ascertain areas for collaboration and growth to ultimately improve instructional practices and school operations.

Note: Access two evaluation templates for this assignment on the Learning Objects page. You will complete the Teacher Leadership Evaluation 1. Then, you will email Teacher Leadership Evaluation 2 to two teacher colleagues for completion (Copies have been uploaded)

Step 1. Complete

Evaluation forms 1&2 – See attached (Will be uploaded in the final submission)

Step 2. Request

Email the Teacher Leadership Evaluation 2 to two teacher colleagues and ask them to complete the evaluation based on how they perceive your teacher leadership competencies, activities, and compliance with standards. You will not include these evaluations in your final submission; however, you will report on the results. (We have copies already)

Step 3. Analyze
Analyze the data collected from Teacher Leadership Evaluations 1 and 2 using these questions:

  • What areas of strength are evident in the results?
  • What leadership opportunities in your school (and/or district) correlate with your strengths shown in the evaluations?
  • What areas for growth are evident in the results? How will you actively work to improve your performance in one of the areas identified for growth?
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Step 4. Discuss ( please you could work on absenteeism and instructional practice causing disengagement and low student success).****Let me know if it’s ok by you because i might not hold any discussion, except you really want me to
Hold the virtual group discussion with the two teacher colleagues on the online meeting platform of your choice. Record the discussion for use in a written response.

Use the following questions/prompts to guide the discussion.

  • What are the two most pressing school issues or concerns related to student achievement? (Check recommendation above please)
  • Brainstorm strategies to overcome the barriers to success.

For each of the issues/concerns:

  • Brainstorm barriers to successfully resolving the issues/concerns.
  • Propose ways teacher leaders can work individually and collectively to resolve the two issues/concerns.
  • Establish a shared purpose by outlining two specific action steps to address issue/concern.
  • Describe needed resources to make the teacher leadership initiative a reality.

Step 5. Report
Compose a report using the findings from the virtual discussion with colleagues. You will adapt this paper to a script for the Module 3 professional development slide presentation.

Introduction: Compose one well-developed introductory paragraph, explaining the most important issues/concerns at your school.

Body: Devote one well-developed paragraph to each bulleted topic in Step 4.

Conclusion: Based on the results of the evaluations (Steps 1-3), which of your teacher leadership strengths could you use to produce the greatest change? How would you apply these strengths to support an initiative and alleviate barriers to success?

References: Include an APA-formatted reference page.

Appendix A: Include the completed Teacher Evaluation 1.

Appendix B: Include the analysis of Teacher Leadership Evaluations 1 and 2 (Step 3).


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