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CIS 110 Pitt Community College Components of Technology Discussion

In Chapters 1 – 2, we have covered some basic principles related to many facets of technology.  I’m sure there were several topics that were new to you, sparked your interest, or that you found useful.  Choose 2 topics that interest you, consider how you would use any of the concepts/technologies, and share this information with your classmates. Your response should be at least 100 words. Respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts. 

by Gwenette Leary

As for me the ebook was interesting. I have always wondered what e-book was but never asked anyone. Now that I know I can use this in many ways. I learn better by listening and maybe some way along the way I can use this in my education, if it’s available for school. The main interest is I can carry it anywhere as long at I have my phone.

Second interest is the digital cameras. This is my first time having interest in online classes and I’m glad I chose it. It’s amazing how everything you need to know is done through camera and speakers. Just takes time getting use too but I will be making more class options online. The fact of being able to work, attend school, and care for my family.

by Ashanti Brown

In my opinion I would say that the Media is a real good tool. I say that because for me personally I’m a music junkie I look into music to cope with whatever issue I’m going through and it also helps me get through anything I’m facing. Another thing about the media I also agree with it being a great tool is that how we’re able to download the any media tool and able to share the media also.

Another thing I’ve liked reading upon was reading about the digital cameras. I found that topic interesting because I’m into photography, I like to take photos because each photo that I get to take it’ll make memories that I can always look back and reminiscence on. I think digital cameras are a pretty great tool to use. 


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