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CIS 270 CCP Databases Research Paper Prompts Summary

Task #1

Using the Internet, locate a software package designed to automate version control. List they key features and describe your findings.

Task #2

Which system changeover method would you recommend for an air traffic control system upgrade? Explain your answer.

Task #3

Perform research on the Internet to learn about emerging trends in wireless networking and typical costs involved in the installation of a wireless LAN and prepare a summary of your results.

Task #4

Consider an automobile dealership with three locations. Data fields exist for stock number, vehicle identification number, make, model, year, color, and invoice cost. Identify the possible candidate keys, the likely primary key, a probably foreign key, and potential secondary keys.

Task #5

Review Section 8.2 and the comments about EHR (Electronic Health Records) usability. Research the current status of EHR usability and describe all noteworthy developments.

Task #6

Various firms and organizations offer IT benchmarking. Locate an example on the Internet and describe its services.

Task #7

Explore three CASE tools that provide the ability to draw the four basic DFD symbols and describe what you liked and disliked about each tool.

Task #8

Prepare a presentation summarizing JAD and RAD. Explain how they differ from traditional fact-finding methods. What are the main advantages of team-based methods? You can use PowerPoint or some other presentation software.

Task #9

Create a presentation explaining O-O analysis, including definitions of basic terms, including objects, attributes, methods, messages, and classes. You can use PowerPoint or some other presentation software.

Task #10

Perform an Internet research to learn more about project risk management. Prepare a list of the sites you visited and a summary of the results.

Task #11

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. Identify a tool that supports the creation of mind maps and explain how they can be a valuable part of strategic planning.

Task #12

Visit three websites to learn more about agile system development. Prepare a list of the sites you visited and a summary of the results.


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