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CIS 524 New York State University Week 5 Natural Language Processing Discussion


Read the article, ” Cooperation and Collaboration in Natural Command Language Dialogues.” Be prepared to discuss this article—you will use it in this week’s discussion.

Respond to the following:

  • The president of your company approaches you with his iPhone in one hand and his iPad in the other. He has just purchased an iPhone and is fascinated with Siri, the voice recognition software. He then pulls up an app your team developed for the company a few months ago and tells you that he wants it to work with voice commands just like Siri. When you pass on this information to your team, the news is met with groans and angry expressions. One of your developers tells you that it would be way too complicated to add voice recognition into the app and that you should have said no. Suggest three techniques to overcome the challenges of implementing natural language into interface designs.

Post from Michael you have to reply back

It is possible to implement NLP to the interface, like all things, there will need to be an established plan and the plan will need to be stuck to. There are several models available today that provide the Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can integrate with existing interfaces. Some of the techniques to be aware of, when combining, is to cover the basics, decide between macro and micro understanding, and traceability. The basics if an all-encompassing step where the developers will look at the type of language identification used. This includes looking at what type of language detector to install (Google Language Detector, Chromium Compact Language Detector). This will give a starting dictionary to the interface. Acronym normalization is another basic to look at, will the user need to speak out every word or will acronyms be recognized? Deciding what the interface is primarily used for will help decide if the macro/micro understanding is used. The macro understanding focuses on statistical techniques and is mainly used for performing similarities, topic analysis, and word clouds. The micro understanding is used in relation with NLP techniques and focuses on entity relationship, metadata fields, and extracting facts. Finally, traceability is a technique that should not be overlooked. This enables a trail to be established which can be used to trace back the users’ footsteps through a process to locate data from a previous search (Accenture, 2020).


Accenture. (2020, Feb 18). Natural language processing (NLP) techniques for extracting information. Retrieved from Accenture:


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