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CISS 365 Bethesda University of California Leadership and Ethics Essay

For this case assignment, you will face a hypothetical situation. This would also be a good chance for you and your team to do another learning cycle. Read through this assignment first and then meet as a team to develop a Project Team Record and an Action Plan. This will help to improve team learning and to assign responsibilities to complete the assignment.

Over the past few weeks, you have talked to a number of hardware vendors and requested quotes to provide the needed equipment to support the Pilot Angels application system. The deadline for each vendor to submit a bid is next week. During a casual conversation with L.T. Scully’s administrative assistant, you learn that a salesperson from one of the vendors who will be submitting a bid has invited L.T. to a professional hockey game tomorrow evening. The vendor has rented a private box where complimentary food and drinks will be available while watching the game in comfort. If the home team wins tomorrow night, they clinch a chance to be in the playoffs. The game is sold out, making a ticket to this game very valuable and in high demand.

Please provide a professional-looking document that includes the following:

If this rumor is true, discuss why this may be an ethical dilemma for L.T. Scully and for you as a project manager?

Think about and answer the following questions:

Who are the stakeholders involved?

What are the consequences for each stakeholder?

What are your obligations to each of the stakeholders?

Suppose that you walk into L.T.’s office and see an open, gift-wrapped box with a jersey of the home team. You know that the cost of the jersey is about $180 because you just purchased one for your nephew as a gift. L.T. confirms that he was invited to the game by the vendor and that he just received the jersey from that vendor’s salesperson. How would you handle this situation?

As a leader, how could you help your project team avert ethical dilemmas or illegal situations in the future?


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