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CIST 1602 Cyber Security Governance Management Paper

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Using Word or a Word-compatible word processor, submit the following deliverables. For written responses, each numbered answer should be 150-200 words (a nice paragraph) at a minimum, well-written (including proper spelling, punctuation, grammar), and cover the topic fully. Use a standard font (such as Arial or Calibri), font size 12, and double-space your answers. If you use information found outside of the text in your answer (this is highly encouraged), cite your source(s). Make sure to number your answers appropriately. If you are skipping an answer, number as usual and note “No Answer” or “Question skipped.”

Assignment Requirements

Enforcement of security policies is most effective when it comes from leadership. Employees look to executive management for direction. The executive is more likely to enforce policies to support his or her personal credibility. Once executives put their own credibility behind policies, they are less likely to allow violations to occur.

Finding the right level of leadership to take action can be a challenge. It’s generally more effective to have leadership governance and management committees responsible for IT security policy enforcement, where governance sets the direction for management to follow.

Answer the following question(s):

1.Why, or in what ways, would a governance committee be more effective than an executive in enforcing security policies?

Part 2

Assignment Requirements

Assume that a secure baseline operating system is planned
for wide deployment in a large organization. However, the baseline
configuration prevents a mission-critical application from working. Over 100
employees use the mission-critical application daily.
The administrators researched the issue exhaustively and
found no solution.
Answer the following question(s):

1. Should the administrators weaken security by not
using the baseline settings? Why or why?

2. Is there another solution? Explain your answer.


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