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CJ 315 SNHU Empathy in the Decision Making Process Discussion


You are a correctional counselor for a youthful offender program. You are to create a written report to your supervisor about the case you are working on and the role empathy may play in the decisions made by criminal justice professionals regarding the offender and victim. Using the case details linked in the Supporting Materials section, create a written report that focuses on an explanation of empathy, empathy and interactions, responses to the victim, empathy and the restorative justice process, and media and empathy.


Using the provided case details, create a written report to your supervisor regarding the role that empathy played in the decision-making processes across criminal justice professions specific to this case. Include the following required elements:

Explain what empathy is and how it can be applied in the criminal justice system (50–100 words). Include the following in your explanation:

What is empathy?

  1. In which areas of criminal justice can empathy be applied?

How can it be applied?

Describe how empathy influenced interactions between the victim of the robbery and criminal justice professionals (100–150 words). Include the following in your description:

  1. Which criminal justice professional(s) interacted with the victim?
  2. How did empathy (or lack thereof) affect the interactions between criminal justice professional(s) and the victim?
  3. Analyze responses to a victim of robbery (100–150 words). Include the following in your analysis:
  4. What were the responses to the victim?

How did the responses affect the victim?

Were the responses appropriate or not? If not, how could they be changed to be appropriate?

  1. Explain how empathy influenced the restorative justice process (50–100 words). Include the following in your explanation:
  2. Which criminal justice professional(s) displayed empathy to the offender?
  3. How did empathy affect the offender and the restorative justice process?

Analyze how the media influenced empathy in the criminal justice process (100–150 words). Include the following in your analysis:

What was the role of the media in the case?

Who did the media affect and how?


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