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CJ 682 SNHU Key Asset and Threat Identification Essay

Overview: Thomas L. Norman, one of the world’s leading security design consultants, provided the following definition of vulnerability: A vulnerability is any condition that could be exploited by a threat actor to carry out an intrusion or escape or to easily destroy property or process. Different threat actors have different goals and thus look for different kinds of vulnerabilities. An economic criminal is looking for different types of vulnerabilities than a violent criminal. A terrorist is looking for different kinds of vulnerabilities than a subversive (Norman, 2016, p. 155). 

In this milestone assignment, you will develop a draft of the vulnerability identification and vulnerability assessment sections of your final project. To complete this milestone assignment, use the Milestone Two Guide document, which provides directions for each prompt. (attached). This project is to be based on The Newport News Shipbuilding Company, located in Newport News City, Virginia as the topic. 

Prompt: Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

III. Vulnerability Identification: In this section, you will determine the areas of vulnerability of the key asset that may be exploited by terrorists. 

A. Develop a comprehensive profile of the key asset, utilizing the four main categories of people, property, proprietary information, and reputation. 

B. Explain why you believe this key asset deserves protection based on the profile of the location. 

C. Describe the common vulnerabilities of the critical infrastructure sector that the key asset is a part of, and support with evidence. Be sure to include physical, cyber, and personnel vulnerabilities. 

D. Using your analysis of the key asset and its critical infrastructure sector, determine the known and/or probable vulnerabilities of the key asset. Defend your response. 

IV. Vulnerability Assessment: In this section, you will assess the overall vulnerability of your key asset. 

A. Explain how the motivations, capabilities, and tactics of the terrorist groups previously identified could impact their decision to target the key asset. 

B. Determine which of the asset’s known and/or probable vulnerabilities are the most likely to be exploited by terrorists. Explain your reasoning. 

C. Using what you determined above, rate the current vulnerability level of the key asset, and justify your reasoning. Use the scale from the vulnerability worksheet to assist in determining your rating. 


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