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CJS 235 University of Phoenix Week 1 Response to Data on Crime Discussion

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What are some of the limitations on the sources of data and crime reporting, and why is it important to address these limitations?
  • How has technology facilitated victimization within our society? Include an example.
  • 1. The limitations on crime and data reporting are that it relies on voluntary data, does not include some crimes even when they get reported, data doesn’t get reported quickly, budgeting could also be an issue, and only announces crimes reported by police or an agency. Knowing these limitations ahead of time could help address the issues, fix them, or improve them to better make the data and crime reporting.Technology has become an aspect of today’s society giving sex offenders the ability to misuse use it. Some examples would be in community settings (teachers, coaches, and faith leaders). Victims can use online messaging and online communication, a database to gain information, plan an attack, or even threaten to share embarrassing information or imager to change a grade. Families can also misuse technology by creating and sharing child pornography or even giving gifts to a child. There are also privacy concerns; for example, if a survivor wants to be involved with the legal system in the wake of an assault or even participate in public life, it could put their privacy at risk.
  • 2. The limitations on the information of reported crime comes from the Uniform Crime Report, which is significant information regarding crime victims. Although it includes reported crimes reported by police in a year, it does not provide detailed information of the victims. Thorough information is important because the information reported is represented on a survey. Some examples of detailed information can be homeless or disabled people. The UCR will only have crimes that have been reported by or to the police because not all victims report their crimes and can not be included. Also, federal crimes are not included on Part 1 Offenses such as sexual crimes. All crimes of victims should be reported because it can provide more detailed information on the National Crime Survey(NCS). If the Part I offense happens with in the same incident, the highest offense is the only one reported and accounted for.


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