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CJS 241 UPhoenix Wk 3 Recruitment of Police Officers Response

PART 1: Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

To become an officer there are tests and requirements which may vary depending on the level at which you seek employment.

Research the requirements to enter an agency at the local, state, and federal level, and share your findings. Is there a big difference? Do your findings make you consider one agency over another? Why?

RESPOND TO RESPONSES: #1. In Utah we have now made it to where corrections officers do not have to do the NPOST certification process, which this was just the basic knowledge test that had to be passed in order to proceed to the next step in the hiring/academy phase. Patrol officers still are required to do this portion of the process. It has now been made to where people as young as 19 can become corrections deputies as well here in Utah, while patrol officers the age is still 21.We require a High school diploma or G.E.D to be considered, a U.S citizen, no criminal history. When conducting the background investigations they go into depth with your personal life such as friends, spouses, neighbors etc, to get an idea of the type of person you are and who they would be hiring. Based on my findings I find them to be very similar so I couldn’t 100% say whether I would choose one over another. After seeing officers deal with certain situations I find that to be a huge factor alone into deciding of your career and what you can handle as a person .

#2. Minimum Requirements to enter an agency at the local state and federal in North Carolina are basically the same for each level with the exception of the federal level, for the most part for each you must be a citizen, at least 20 years old high school graduate good moral character, etc, on the federal level there are physicals that have to taken and passed as well as the have completed basic law enforcement training. State and local agencies are just at the level for the specific state. Many of the requirements may vary depending upon the state and the way it is governed.

PART2: Complete the Requirements and Challenges Worksheet.


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