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CJUS 700 Liberty University The Sin Nature and Criminal Activity Discussion

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about the nature of human behavior,
specifically the deviant side of human behavior. In criminal theory, we have a double duty: to
understand the secular view of crime and the spiritual view of crime. The trick is to be able to
employ concepts from both, but keep them separate so that the spiritual is not corrupted by the
secular. This assignment will help you articulate your spiritual view of crime, namely the sin
nature as a proxy for that, and solidify your beliefs in a tangible document. This may also end up
being a document to which you refer later if you ever apply to teach criminal justice at a
Christian university.
After a cover page, you will write a 5–6-page essay on the sin nature. You should discuss all of
the following in your paper:
ï‚· describe the sin nature.
ï‚· describe how we get the sin nature.
ï‚· describe how we overcome the sin nature.
ï‚· describe the effects of the sin nature.
ï‚· describe how the sin nature plays or does not play a role in criminal behavior.

You MUST include or discuss the following items:

Scripture MUST be used heavily throughout the paper to support your claims!

o If the concept is biblical, include a citation.
ï‚· The question that should be answered clearly in your paper is:
o “To what extent does the sin nature explain criminal activity?”

The Bible should be the only citation you are using in this paper. Consult the APA manual for
details on how to do that!

Your paper must use current APA format in the following items: running head, page numbers,
title page, spacing, indentions, margins, and headings.

“The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah
17:9, King James Version).
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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