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Claflin University CH3 External Factor Evaluation Matrix & PESTEL Analysis Chart

For your Assignment 2, I want you to do the following: The business this is for is dunkin donuts. Krispy Kreme is an example. Read the all the instructions please and thank you. 

1. On slide 25 of the 3e powerpoint, you will see a PESTEL ANALYSIS CHART. I want you to fill this out and    identify each of the opportunities or threats in each components that have an impact on your business. Example: high unemployment rate can be both an opportunity for one business and a threat for another. How? Unemployment means that there is a huge source of manpower that you can hire to work for your business, therefore it is an opportunity. On the other hand, unemployment lowers the buying capacity of The community and therefore another business will have problems getting customers and profitability may  be low. You will fill out the chart accordingly. While this chart is all about Orangeburg, you will keep in the      back of your mind how the elements affect your business.

2. I want you to list down what you identified as the Opportunities and  Threats and group them together.       You  will then have a list of Opportunities and Threats similar to the example on the Krispy Kreme Opportunities and Threats Table posted in this module. Simply copy and paste from your PESTEL chart.

3. I want you to read and understand Slide 29 on how to develop an External Factor Evaluation (EFE)               matrix. Following the instructions in this slide, I want you to rate your Opportunities and Threats then work out your EFE Table based on your honest evaluation of the impact of your opportunities and threats on your business.  Take note that your weights should total 1.00 and the Sum of your weighted average should be between 1.00 to 4.00.


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