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CMRJ 324 American Military University Dealing with Organized Crime Case Study

Responses should be at least 500 words each (not counting sources and references) and each should have at least 2 different sources properly cited in accordance with APA Style 7th edition.

1. Discuss the value of organized crime investigations by law enforcement, specifically focusing on politicians potential involvement in organized crime.

This question is linked to the following Course Learning Objective:

LO7. Critique the assertion that U.S. politicians are frequently in league with organized crime

2. Discuss the impact that the War on Drugs has had in regards to Drug Cartels. As part of this answer, include specific U.S. statutes and or legislation/Acts that have played a part in combating this form of organized crime.

This question is linked to the following Course Learning Objectives:

LO5. Analyze major statutes and legislation aimed at combating Organized Crime
LO6. Extrapolate past and current efforts of the U.S. (via the War on Drugs) with current and future illegal drug trends (e.g., usage, availability, etc)

3.Explain whether or not transnational organized crime groups (such as the Russian Mafia, and others) pose a greater threat to the United States than do traditional organized crime groups.

Please be very specific and remember to fully support your viewpoint.

This is an essay question and in turn, it needs to be hand graded by the instructor. Subsequently, this will initially show as zero until graded.

This question is linked to the following Course Learning Objective:

LO2. Compare and contrast transnational organized crime groups such as the Yakuza and Russian Mafia

4. Select a specific Organized Crime Group, and then using a criminological theory of your choice, discuss how and why they have been able to exist and or thrive.

This question has connections to the following four Course Learning Objectives:

LO1. Discuss the historical use of money laundering and racketeering by organized crime

LO3. Describe why organized crime has flourished, via the use of criminological theory


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