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CNL 509 Grand Canyon University Spirituality and Mental Health Discussion

Topic 2 DQ 2 (Obj. 2.1)  CNL 509 DQ 2

According to our text, spirituality plays a significant role in African American culture, yet, historically, the majority of mental health professionals see themselves as “nonreligious.” How would you utilize the spirituality of an African American client as a resource in helping them manage their mental health issues? Provide at least one scholarly reference to support your response.

This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standard(s):

2.F.2.h. Strategies for identifying and eliminating barriers, prejudices, and processes of intentional and unintentional oppression and discrimination.


Jones-Smith, E. (2019). Culturally diverse counseling: Theory and practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Inc. ISBN-13: 9781483388267



Rachael Herbison

2 posts

Re: Topic 2 DQ 1 (Obj. 2.3)

“Persons of color” is a culturally appropriate term to refer to many ethnicities, and as Shannon (2020) indicates, teachers need to teach counselors words and behaviors that foster an attitude that is inclusive. Racist language is still pervasive, as often one’s upbringing can be subtly racist, which is why education needs to happen (Jones-Smith, 2019). An example given by Baker-Bell (2020) states that even in books like “The Hate U Give,” uses oppressive language.

Richmond Times-Dispatch edition notes that it is most often people of color and of Jewish descent are those most targeted (2007). Learning to use language like “persons of color,” is essential to end this type of behavior. As always, the counselor must always be sure to engage with everyone and ask what they prefer; overall, respecting each person’s culture, as well as their own personal culture (Jones-Smith, 2019).

Without this education, it is very possible for a new counselor to slip up and make a mistake that may irreparably damage the counseling relationship. Because of this information, I believe that the author uses this phrase to continue to teach the new generations of counselors to continue to be able to counsel in a culturally competent way.

Christy Johnson

1 posts

Re: Topic 2 DQ 1 (Obj. 2.3)

When first reading this phrase, I felt like it sounded disrespectful and a term that may have been used during a time when African Americans were treated as a lesser race and discrimination was high during the 1800’s and prior to that, in America. I believe Jones-Smith (2019) use the term persons of color to move away from portraying “one level of a person’s identity” (p. 232) as being the most significant aspect. People’s identities have many layers to them and using the term “African Americans” emphasizes just one aspect of their character. I also believe, because statistics show “African Americans reported their race as Black or African American in combination with one or more other races/ethnic groups” (Humes et al., 2011, as cited by Jones-Smith, 2019, p. 232), using the term persons of color allows for other ethnic/racial identities to be included in this expression.

Using the term persons of color prevents the idea of equality to be assumed and color-blindness to be ignored; acknowledging the racial and cultural differences that exists in humans. I believe Jones-Smith (2019) uses this term because it allows for racial differences to be known, which helps prevent prejudices and stereotyping to take place and diversity to be recognized (Walton et al., 2014).


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