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College of Mount Saint Vincent Theft Related Offenses Discussion

When reading Ch. 14-Theft-related Offenses, I was reminded of the statement I heard several persons made that states: “If you shoot a burglar outside your home, drag them inside to protect yourself.“ Curiously, I myself grew up in a home that felt the same way. I was told that if a burglar is robbing your home, you have a right to kill them, but don’t let them fall outside. If they do, bring them back in, so you don’t get in trouble. As an officer, I learned that this was in no way true. Recently, legislation around the country is addressing the legal right to protect your property (limited) and yourself-known as Stand Your Ground laws. These are not all inclusive and accepted everywhere, but more and more legislation pieces are being proposed. For this discussion, first address the idea of using physical force to defend your physical property. Should it be allowed? Should it be limited? Under what conditions might it be acceptable? Next, discuss the Stand your Ground laws. Begin by researching one stand your ground law (start with Indiana), and understand what the law allows. Then discuss the societal effects of these laws-will it curb burglary and property crime? Will it create increased legal (civil) caseloads? What would be (or should be) the legal requirements if a person defends their property and permanently disables the suspect (and all that would affect-legal work, support of family, medical needs and expenses, etc.)?

Remember-READ the instructions for writing a Discussion Board. Your initial post MUST BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS IN LENGTH; if shorter, you will be marked down. There is no limit to the length. YOU MUST RESPOND TO TWO CLASSMATES’ POSTS. Click on the post, then click on Add a Comment to respond. EACH of these two posts must be AT LEAST 200 WORDS IN LENGTH! You must include at least one citation and reference in your post in APA 7 format. If any evidence or data is used in responses to classmates, these must also be cited and referenced in the response. If no citation(s) and reference(s) points will be lost.


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