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Collin College How to prepare Chicken Curry Analysis Essay

Writing Project #1:  Process AnalysisA process analysis, as explained in the text, is a paper which serves to explain a process, or how something is done–a “how to,” if you will.  A process analysis, however, is not a boring instruction guide which more often gets tossed aside, rather than read.  The idea here is to present a clearly organized and ordered (typically, one uses chronological order in order to clarify the steps) process so that your readers can perform the process, or at least understand how one would complete it in theory.  In addition to clarity, you must try to make it interesting for your audience to read. Remember to think about your audience and their needs, interests, educational level, concerns, etc.  Understanding your audience will help you to keep and maintain their attention while you provide the process information clearly.Choose a topic which interests you.  Clearly, it is necessary for you to already know how to complete the process; however, you should choose a subject that interests you because doing so will make your essay more enjoyable to write, and to read.  There is no research allowed for this paper, so you cannot look for instructions online or research the process–you should already know how to perform this process well enough that you know it backwards and forwards—there should be no need for research.  Put your time and energy into making your paper clear and enjoyable to read.  Clarity.  If your process is not presented in a clear manner, your readers will not understand your process or worse—they might toss your paper aside like most people do with all too frustrating instruction manuals.  Be clear so that your reader(s) knows what you are saying.  This can be difficult when you are explaining a process that is easier to demonstrate–you only have your words, so use analogies and comparisons (i.e. do such and such as if you were doing such and such (choose something familiar to most people).  Style & Tone.  Consider your audience and your topic.  Choose a style and tone that works to clearly present your process while making your “how to” interesting to read.  Do not be overly informal–this is often a pitfall for students.  If you are too informal, your form will begin to fall apart–and remember, the explanation of a process needs to be clearly formed and presented.  If appropriate, use humor or references to something your audience typically enjoys.  The style of your writing will help to determine whether or not your audience continues to read your process.  Of course clarity is very important; however, if your readers do not finish reading your essay, whether or not you were clear will not matter much.  Think.  Be creative.  Remember to strive for clarity, readability, and enjoyment.  Consider your audience!While you may choose almost any topic that you know the process well, here are a few ideas to get you thinking:  you could teach someone the process (steps it takes) to make your favorite dish/meal, change a tire, make a bed, make a good pot of coffee, edit a photo on a smartphone, learn how to gain followers on Instagram, how to create a budget, how to play a sport (or game), how to make a friend, care for a pet, how to build a bookcase, how to karaoke, etc.A Few Rules:


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