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Colombias Infrastructure and Economic Indicators Discussion

A good annotated bibliography has three parts—summary of the source, assessment or evaluation of the source, and reflection on the source’s possible uses for the project at hand. Below is some explanation and comments I made to a previous student that may help you.

The summary part tells what the source discusses in neutral, factual terms.

An example in a past paper is where the student said, “This article examines such a situation as it relates explicitly to African youths (with some specific detail on Djibouti itself) and discusses in great depth the process for providing them with productive employment. It enumerates paths towards innovation, accepting the informal economic sectors of these societies,the mismatch between the skills in the market and the stark reality of education and training. Detailed performance metrics for domestic and international financial flows, governance, and trade policies, as well as prospects for regional integration, human development, and local economies are thoroughly elucidated – all of which will be critical to supporting and validating a decisive course of action when it comes to addressing the issue of Djibouti’s youths and their future role in their economy”

The evaluation part assesses the quality of the source; in such terms as reliability, scholarship, accuracy, and bias.

An example in a past paper is where the student said, “While the straightforwardness of this document doesn’t lend itself to a broader, theoretical discussion on the merits of certain developmental goals, it does provide an easy reference point from which to substantiate claims made about the economic values, present conditions and historical events.”

Applicability refers to how you will use the source in your paper.

An example in a past paper is where the student said, “My intent is to use this document as a guideline for assessing the potential efficacy of a project as it relates to (a) cultural acceptability, (b) past performance (whether such an attempt has already been made and to what end), and (c) filling gaps left by the private sector, government, and aid agencies.”


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