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Colorado Christian University Doctrine of Salvation Paper

Discussion: Salvation and the Church

Conversion seldom occurs outside the context of the church. If that statement is true, and based on all that you have digested over Sessions 4 and 5, where do you see the church being involved in the process of salvation? Address the issue either in the context of specific aspects of salvation (e.g., gospel call, conversion) or holistically (i.e., without referencing any specific aspect of salvation).

Personal Credo

It is now time to pull together your final assignment: your credo or “What I Believe” statement. First, you will finalize your section on the DOCTRINE OF SALVATION, incorporating now those aspects covered in this session. You know the drill by now:

  • Each section will be no more than two (and not less than one-and-one-half), single-spaced pages in length (not including Scripture references, should you list them all together as a block of text).
  • Per the grading rubric, you will be assessed on each statement’s comprehensiveness (i.e., did you cover all the important elements of the doctrine?), brevity (i.e., did you express those elements with the right amount of well-chosen words, refusing to fluff up the statement with wasted words?), and creativity (i.e., not that you made up new stuff – that would be heresy! – but that you communicated the important elements of the doctrine in personal, unique, integrative, and engaging ways).

All sections of your credo should make heavy use of Scripture. Unless otherwise critical to your statement, you are not required to quote entire Scripture verses. The “address” (e.g., Gen. 1:1) is enough.

You are expected also to cite (again, no need to quote; ruins your brevity) liberally from all pertinent course resources: Grudem, McGrath, even Elwell, or any of the session PowerPoints.

In this comprehensive submission of all the sections, make sure they say what you want them to say. That is, make sure you review what you wrote in each session’s work.

Tie everything together with a cover sheet, with the title simply “What I Believe.” Assemble the sections consecutively, per the order of the doctrines in this class (Doctrine of the Person of Christ, Doctrine of the Work of Christ, and Doctrine of Salvation) and number the pages as if this were one document (which it is!). Conclude your document with a bibliography formatted according to Turabian Style.


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