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Colorado College Teacher and Student Learning Discussion



Using the directions in this module of CANVAS, summarize and describe how you are or will implement the strategies in Wong and Wong’s The First Days of School, Unit A, Chapters 1-5 (individually).

You will be asked to review assigned chapters of the textbook, The First Days of School. Each review must be two parts which should be numbered in the assignment.

(1) A summary (minimum of three paragraphs) of at least three important points of each chapter in the assigned unit, and (2) the application in which you should relate HOW you are using or will use the information in the textbook to improve your classroom organization or instruction.

Each submission should be labeled with the unit letter (A, B, C, D, E, and Epilogue) and chapter number. Each chapter should be summarized separately.

Example: Unit A: Chapter 1 – Summary: Should consist of three paragraphs that adequately summarize at least three important points in the chapter.

Application: Should consist of specific ways you are implementing (or plan to implement) the suggestions from this chapter.

Part 1

Using the instructions on Canvas, summarize and describe how you are (or will) use the strategies described in Unit B (Chapters 6-9) in your classroom. Chapters must be summarized individually.

Part 2

Summarize and describe how you have or will implement the strategies in Unit C, Part 1 (Chapters 10 -13) of your textbook using the format previously provided.

Part 3

Summarize and describe how you have or will implement the strategies found in Unit C – Part 2 (Chapters 14 – 17).

Part 4

Summarize and describe how you would use the strategies from Units D and E (Chapters 18-23) of your textbook.

Part 5

This upload is required to receive a grade for this course.

Upload your Philosophy of Education.

Be sure to follow the rubric located in this module for maximum points.


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