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Colorado State Global Campus History President Ronald Reagan Presentation

Every president since 1945 has faced new circumstances and made decisions that have (often) helped to increase the power of the presidency. Choose a president we have covered in this class, serving after 1945, and consider their response to a major crisis or issue during their tenure in office. (The topic should be one you have not written about in a previous CT assignment).


Once you have selected a topic, research the range of response options available to the president, either emanating from their advisors, public pressure, party politics, or their own inclinations, etc. Find at least four (4) primary sources that are closely related to the crisis or the president’s response.

Create a visual presentation on the president and crisis or event that you have chosen to research. Consider adding audio to the visual presentation as well.

As you develop your presentation, discuss the options or paths and consider why the president ultimately chose the response they did. How would you evaluate this president’s decision-making strategies and his overall handling of the crisis? Were there any implications or results, expected or unexpected, that the president had to manage? How was society impacted or changed by the decision?

Your presentation is due at the end of week 8 and must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Use the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.)
  • Your slideshow should offer at least two different types of media (e.g., maps, photos, paintings, audio clips, etc.).
  • Each image should include a caption and source. Images should be carefully chosen to represent your topic. Consider an audio track to accompany your presentation (optional).
  • An introductory slide should outline your presentation and include a thesis statement. A concluding slide should sum up your analysis and leave the reader with a thought-provoking statement.
  • Each slide should include a title and at least 4-5 sentences on the main topic or idea that is conveyed in the image(s). In other words, your slides must be substantive and include text that presents your topic in a thoughtful way, so that it is meaningful on its own to anyone viewing the presentation.
  • Remember to include a final slide with references used.


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