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Colorado Technical University Data Management Discussion Response

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two peers. Focus on the obstacles or barriers within the data and describe how validity, reliability, outdated data, or inconsistent definitions might hinder the data processing.

Student post down below:

The name of the organization that I have chosen is the Maslow Project. The Maslow Project is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2009 in a small community in Oregon and has grown substantially since then. The organization’s overall goal in the beginning was to help the homeless youth population by having resources to assist them with school, whether it be with access to funds to participate in sports, clothes, food, etc. The organization has now grown within the community where they not only help the homeless youth, but also homeless families with at risk youth. They have outreached through the years with other local resources where they now can assist with more housing assistance, case management, skill development, employment, and more. I will be evaluating the increase of the homeless youth population in association with demographic information, causes, and interventions necessary for this at-risk population.

Through researching the Maslow project, their finances, reports, sponsors, board member, etc., there has not been much that has stood out as inconsistent or questionable. The challenges that may face are the data presents information related to demographics, financing, and where the assistance is being provided, however, trying to identify the causes or the interventions necessary may be a bit more difficult to identify. Having research, knowledge, and understanding regarding the community one is in, the diversity, the cultures, multiculturism, and more could potentially help in identifying what is needed to assist in the community (Calley, 2011). The budget has appeared to be stable as more stakeholders are investing, local resources are connecting and working together, donations are still being contributed, and grants are continuing which helps keep the confidence of the organization for the community.


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