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Colorado Technical University Online Data Collection Discussion

Respond to at least two peers. Focus on the obstacles or barriers within cultural issues and describe any others that you believe might not have been mentioned, explaining why you think they might arise when collecting data.

Student post down below: 

It is important to consider culture when collecting data because a set of rule for solving problems in a finite number of steps do not add value to a data, but people add value to a data record. Culture is additionally important to know what is focused on in a data record. Culture is important to a data because business team recording a data do not understand a data, except if the have knowledge of the opinions and number of the different sect of groups to be recorded upon on the data record. Culture is important in a data collection because office executives have to have a data driven mind-set before developing a data record, in order to get their subordinate officers to work along with them in creating a data record and maintaining a data record information. So, creating a different sect of culture in a data, help a business team to speak the language of data, which ensures that the data team is nicely aligned with a business executive and business team objectives for a data record information creation (Beyond the Data, Limited Liability Company, 2019). 

I have encountered in a business organization the cheating of a particular sect of people in the decision of sharing amenities to different sects of people, when cultural issues are not addressed. Including, the experience of not knowing a particular cultural sect that are in need of a particular type of amenities to be distributed behind. Then, not knowing what a particular sect of people feel about the way they are treated by a government authority towards problem solutions and comparing it with other sects of people feelings on the ways that they are treated like by the government authority on problem solutions. So, considering cultural differences, when creating a data record prevents the rule of private gain which is a burden on others, making everyone to be involved in a data record information, without hurting anyone (Chmielewski, 2004). 


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