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Colorado Technical University Online SMART Goals Discussion Post

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of the other learners and respond to the initial posts of two. In each response, suggest ways the learner might improve the clarity or appeal of the stated goals. How could the learner make the goals more attractive to the funder?

Student post down below:SMART

Long Term Goal

Specific: To achieve a specific goal to make progress towards obtaining the grant is to continuously review the grant application, the requirements, the purpose, the expectations, the questions, and answer process. Learning the grant and the rules associated with the grant is an ongoing process and is a long-term goal because it should continue until the grant is submitted. Start reviewing the internal financial needs to know how much money to ask for.

Measurable: The long-term measurable goal is completed when the entire grant has been written and evaluated by a few sets of eyes. The goal is completed when each section of the grant has been evaluated for accuracy and edited for errors.

Attainable: The goal to achieve the grant Higher Education for Leadership, Innovation, and Exchange is attainable, because it is line with the mission and vision of BOLD.

Relevant: The goal is relevant and necessary to achieve the primary goal of grant approval.

Time Bound: The posted date is April 3, 2020 as posted on the grant. April 29, 2021 is the start for BOLD to work towards obtaining the grant. The submission date I set is April 29, 2021-October 2021 to have all aspects of the grant completed and ready for submission by November 2021.

Short term Goals

Specific: Read the grant. Take notes. Develop a team and a strategy to achieve the goal and obtain funding.

Measurable: Look at what worked in the past and what did not work and apply the positive to measure the process.

Relevant: The short-term goals are relevant and doable as first steps towards the goal.

Time Bound: The short-term goal start date is April 30, 2021, until May 31, 2021.

Who? The team and I will work towards achieving the goals.

What? The grant will be the priority for the team to complete the grant process on time.

How? Team working, planning, delegation, consistency.

Where? In the BOLD office/organization.

When? Starting April 29, 2021


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