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Columbia University Healing Is a Journey of Self Discovery Paper

In Part 3 we learned how emotional healing is a journey of self-discovery that leads to a deep and concrete knowledge of oneself. Therefore, the most important step in self-healing is to become aware of the nature and defense dynamics of our emotional body and consequently, so we can choose a way to heal it.
With the practices of recognizing emotions through listening to the sensations of our body, we develop emotional awareness. Once the new level of self-awareness is reached, it allows us to activate self-healing and to collaborate more effectively with professionals to free ourselves from trauma, blocked and repressed emotions.

This practice naturally leads us to forgive ourselves and others by activating the intelligence of the heart and also activating our prefrontal cortex, thus achieving psychosomatic integration. By clearing blockages, which lets emotions flow naturally, we nurture our inner power and the ability to live in emotional mindfulness.

Now, let’s revisit all the exercises that we have explored in Dr. Poli’s book, step by step:

–       Anxiety regulation activity, page 175.

–        Identification of family climate and beliefs pages 168 to 170.

–       Inner dialogue and dynamics of the Super Ego, pages 178, 179.

–       Emotional climate in which your Inner Child lives, pages 179, 170.  

–       Recognizing emotional reaction in the body, pages 191 and 192.

–       Emotional Mindfulness, pages 212 and 213.

Prepare your Paper by further elaborating your takeaways of the material we’ve explored in the realm of emotional healing. Reflect and practice applying what you have learned for a better understanding of your own life experience, your current state, and how to develop your own emotional self-healing practice.

Write your paper, as you are reflecting and answering following questions:

– What did you learn about yourself after the exploration of the paths of healing?

– What did you discover new about yourself doing these exercises?

– How do you feel as you progress on your journey to self-healing?

– Are you interested in incorporating Emotional Mindfulness in your lifestyle?

– Are you interested in experiencing Self-hypnosis?

– What are the emotional therapy techniques that you would like to experience?


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