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COM 1002 Rasmussen College Verbal Communication & Nonverbal Behaviors Discussion

For this discussion, you are going to observe a conversation between two people and comment on both their verbal and nonverbal behaviors during the interaction.

First listen to either a conversation you observed outside of your home, such as at school, a grocery store, an elevator, or on a bus. Do not make it obvious you are listening to their conversation, just casually observe. While you are observing, try to answer the following questions and report back about the conversation in your original post.

  1. What do you think the relationship between the two people was?
  2. What do you think they were discussing?
  3. What nonverbal actions occurred in the interaction?
  4. What paralanguage did you pick up on and how did it influence the conversation?

Keep in mind these responses will all be conjecture because you will not know what the true answers are. The point is to see what information you can obtain by simply watching people converse.

For your response post, write 3-5 sentences offering different perspectives and observations based on what your classmate wrote. We all read nonverbal behaviors differently!

Reply post:

Today at the grocery store I over heard a conservation between two ladies. One looked to be in her twenties and the other looked about fifty. In the beginning of the conservation I wasn’t sure what their relationship was. At the end of the conservation I found out that they were mother and daughter because when they went their separate ways the younger of the two said “See ya later, mom.” They were standing in the middle of the meat section. They were having a conservation about a child’s birthday party. The younger lady was talking, she was standoffish and had her arm crossed in front of her chest. She didn’t seem happy at all. I saw three different paralanguages volume, tone and pronunciation. When the younger lady raised her volume the older lady’s body language changed it became defensive. The younger lady noticed it and changed her tone and volume. She also apologized to the older lady saying “I know it’s not your fault, I’m just frustrated.” They said their goodbyes and walked different directions.


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