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COM 20035Southern New Hampshire University Deconstructing Media Messages Paper

Full instructions attached

You will review the forms of media used for each example and evaluate the content of the messages using the questions and criteria provided. You will summarize your results for each example, and using that information, provide a ranking of the media messages. Your review, recommended ranking (1 being the best, and 5 being the worst), and the reasons for the ranking order should be included in an 800–1,000 word brief that you can send to management.

First, read the Media Message Examples document (attached). As noted above, you can use the five examples of media messages provided in this document, or you can gather and review examples focused on a topic of your choosing. You will need to view the media messages and explore the sites and information surrounding them to gather the required information. You may find that some of the information may not be available for each example. You will need to reference the missing information in your summary and consider how that lack of information will impact your ranking.

Address the following criteria for each example:

  1. Explain the history and development of each form of media (television, radio, newspaper, social media, and a blog).
    1. How long has it existed?
    2. How has it changed from its beginning state?
    3. How does the delivery method (form of media) impact the message being delivered? (Consider authority, trustworthiness, and context of delivery.)
  2. Describe the purpose of each form of media.
    1. Who is the target audience?
    2. What are its strengths?
    3. What are its weaknesses?
    4. How has it been used and misused?
  3. Evaluate each media message for the presence of bias. Use the five key questions as identified by the Center for Media Literacy.
    1. Who created the message?
    2. What creative techniques are used to attract your attention?
    3. How might other people understand this message differently than you do?
    4. What values, lifestyles, and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message?
    5. Why is this message being sent? (Consider whether the message is meant to inform, persuade, or entertain.)
  4. Evaluate the accuracy of each media message:
    1. Is it a reliable and valid source?
    2. Does it contain verifiable facts versus opinions?


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