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COM 3131 Keiser Wk 4 Coaching & Providing Feedback for Improved Performance Response

I need help with a response to this students post. All e do is make conversation with them by providing a response nothing fancy just a written response in about 200 words.

Here is the post to respond to. When people think of coaching or coaches they always tend to think of sports and athletes. Growing up I used to have this mindset that coaches are only for sports and athletes, but that is simply just not true not even in the slightest. I have grown to learn that coaches are more than just people that teach you to be a better athlete and player on the field or court. In reality, we are surrounded and grow up around coaches our entire lives. Really if you think about it teachers and professors can be considered coaches as the guide, give us insight, and encourage us to do well in our classes which is still apart of our lives. Then once we get past our classes and the knowledge we gain from those teachers and professors we get ourselves jobs and careers where we have managers that end up being our coaches or we ourselves become the coaches. To me I find it important to view it like this, because along the way of being coached we be more aware and pick up on things that do and do not work for being a coach in life and in the workplace. Being an effective coach involves helping people overcome obstacles that they are having to achieve success, make the feel like they are apart of something rather than feeling alone, reduces fears people have, and most importantly helps others be coaches. Key qualities to being an effective coach are things such as modeling quality, have supportive behavior, initiate solving problems, and having the ability to have face-to-face conversations with the people they are coaching


de Janasz, S., Dowd, K., & Schneider, B. (2018). Interpersonal skills in organizations (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill


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