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COMLIT 10 UCI Environmental Racism Paper

I’m working on a humanities writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

How has Marxism played a role in environmental racism and how this has kept lower incomed communities people out of the outdoors. I have already connected that Marx had an idea that in order to have a functioning society, many need to be treated less human. I wanted to include the idea of Slow Violence that is displayed in the book. I also have included many research articles to include in the paper. This needs to connect to Marxism and connect to asthma statistics.

An introduction. Get to your thesis right away in the first paragraph of the paper. You don’t need to bother taking up a whole paragraph of such a short paper with “background” or atmosphere that just leads up to a point—put your energy directly into your point. The paragraph should give your main point, an idea of the evidence for it that will come in the body of the paper, and how your paper contributes to the understanding of the issue. To do this, the first paragraph usually takes about 2/3 of the first page.

A conclusion in which you wrap up what you have argued. You can start off the conclusion by restating your main points or argument but a good conclusion is not just a summary of what you’ve said so far. The best conclusions are those that take us back over the same terrain we’ve just traversed but that allow us to see it in a different way (i..e first you travel by train or car, on the ground, and then you fly over it in a plane) so that you realize something new as you do so. Try to end by projecting your argument further or giving it a final twist. What reflection do you most want to leave us with? What are the implications of your argument?

A one page outline of the main points of your paper


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