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COMM 107 University of California San Diego All Media Is Social Media Essay

Finish this essay basic on the one in the files. Please following those rules.

It can be on any topic that you wish. The only requirement is that it be related to the study of visual culture.

Ideally, you will engage in this essay with the ideas in the work that we read for the course–the concepts and commentary about visual culture from (1) John Berger, Ways of Seeing; (2) WJT Mitchell, “There are no visual media”; and/or (3) Nicholas Mirzoeff, How to See the World.

John Berger. Ways of Seeing. PenguinBooks, 1972.

Nicholas Mirzoeff, How to See the World.

WJT Mitchell, “There are no visual media” in the files

hese sources contain a wealth of ideas about visual culture. There is no need to try to “cover” everything they write about. Instead, you may focus on one keyword, one passage or section. To see how this kind of engagement with other writers’ ideas works, notice how these writers engage with the ideas of other authors, including one another (Mirzoeff cites both Berger and Mitchell; he also cites many other authors).

It will also be very helpful if you discuss specific examples to illustrate and expand on ideas in your writing. In fact, you may choose to develop your Image Share assignment into your Final Essay.

At the end of your Final Essay, include an “Acknowledgements” paragraph, identifying the people who helped you this quarter with your writing, with a short statement about how each person helped. (My peer review guys names it is Trudie Nixon )

The Final Essay will be graded partially on the process of writing that you went through to get to the finished product, as demonstrated in your Short Writing Assignments. If you wish to say more about the process, you may write 1-2 paragraphs “On My Process,” and also include it at the end of your Final Essay.

Some additional technical specifications:

1000 words min

Single spacing is fine. 1-in margins and 12-pt font are preferred.

You may use any citation style that you wish, as long as you are consistent. APA style (Links to an external site.) is easiest.

Include a works cited page, even if you only cite authors from the syllabus.

You are encouraged to include images. Images must also include citations or “credit.”


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