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COMM 120 GCCCD Interactive and Educative Semester Experience Discussion


get full credit, make sure you answer all of the questions in the prompt. Each student should also reply to two different students. Make sure your replies are at least three sentences long. They should not just say “Good post” or “I agree” but should include a reason why the post is good or reasons why you agree. Try to reply to other posts that haven’t gotten very many replies. Make sure your posts thoroughly address the posted prompt.


Before posting on this Discussion Board, think about what your experience has been like this semester. Answer the following questions in your initial post:

Overall, what has your experience been like in this class this semester?

Did you take it online because you like taking online classes? Or did you take it online because you had no other choice?

What was the thing you disliked most about the class?

What was the thing you liked most about the class?

Would you recommend this class to future students? Why or why not?

Remember to answer all questions in your post.

Grading for Discussions

A portion of your grade is based on participation on Canvas discussions. Much of the course material that you will be tested on is delivered through written lectures. To better understand that material you must regularly read and contribute to Canvas discussions. This process will help you master the course material and prepare for quizzes and exams. In addition to posting your own comments, you must reply to at least two other students’ posts for each discussion. Discussions are worth 20 points: 10 for your initial post and 5 for your first two replies. In order to receive full points, you must follow the instructions above.

Civility in Discussions

Although you are encouraged to share your point of view freely, when posting to any discussion, you must remain civil. We all know how easy it is to say something online that you wouldn’t say in person. Please think twice and don’t post anything hurtful to anyone. Since we will be discussing communication, people may share things that are personal and there is a good chance that you are going to read comments that you don’t agree with. Any sort of hostility, insults and name calling do little to communicate ideas and have strongly negative effects on our efforts to learn. Let’s start with kindness and compassion and treating each other with respect.


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