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Communications Theory Media Sources Case Study Proposal

This assignment aims to ensure you have a clear and workable plan for creating your Case Study assignment. 

Completion  of this assignment requires you to draft a short proposal for your Case  Study assignment. The proposal will include a selection of sections of  what will become your final case study paper: the introduction, part of  the literature review, the methodology section, and part of the media  review. 

More  information about each of these sections can be found in the assignment  guidelines for the Case Study assignment. For the purposes of this  proposal assignment, you should include:

  • Introduction:  Describes overall purpose of paper (includes description of case for  background/context; briefly previews type of media content that will be  analyzed and theoretical/scholarly literature that will be used; makes  argument for why that area of scholarly literature is best suited to  understanding the case).
  • Literature Review:  Summary of theoretical/scholarly literature reviewed for the case (4 sources cited – the full paper will require 10, but the proposal  should have 4).
  • Methodology: Identifies media content analyzed, provides rationale for media content selected, describes how media content was collected.
  • Media Review: Provides  analysis of the chosen media that derives from insights related to the  theoretical framework outlined in the literature review. Findings from  analyzed media texts are written in a narrative/thematic/descriptive  format with example quotes interspersed to serve as evidence. In  other words, describe the media sources (videos, text, images, etc.)  and themes, using quotes to illustrate, enough so that the reader can  understand how these examples are related to the prior sections of the  paper. For the proposal assignment, you should have at least 4 media sources.
  • References: Provide your references in APA style.  You should also use APA style for in-text citations. You do not need to  include other elements of APA formatting such as a running header or  abstract. 


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