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Community Preparedness and Resiliency Discussion

Part 1

In your readings for this module, one argument about preparedness and resiliency comes from Biedrzycki’s article Integration of Social Determinants: Community Preparedness and Resiliency in 21st Century Emergency Management Planning (2012). Biedrzycki argues that a deeper understanding of community social and economic dynamics will allow for better coordination with other emerging federal agency initiatives and policies. Read this article (Links to an external site.) and consider his argument of the “whole community” approach.

Based on the article, respond to the following:

  • Question 1: How might emergency managers effectively employ the “whole community” approach?
  • Question 2: Identify some of the challenges presented by this new approach.
  • Question 3: Is this approach compatible with the all-hazards perspective?


Biedrzycki, P. A., & Raisa, K. (2012, August). Integration of social determinants of community preparedness and resiliency in 21st century emergency management planning. Homeland Security Affairs, 8, Article 14. Retrieved from

Part 2

In May 2011, the United States Centers for Disease Control began using the idea of a zombie apocalypse as a public awareness campaign to teach preparedness for a virus outbreak. The approach has become wildly popular across the country with many organizations implementing their own version of this crisis management drill. One of the most recent of these involves local law enforcement.

Read: Zombie apocalypse training: HALO Corp. to train military, law enforcement on virus outbreak. (Links to an external site.)

For this discussion, create a plan which would include a private/public partnership to address a zombie outbreak in your town. (Killeen, Texas)

In your plan, address the following:

  • Question 1: Public agencies and private organizations have a critical function in training first responders. For example, some of these agencies may train first responders in the handling of pandemic outbreaks i.e., Ebola. What do you see as specific roles for these public agencies and private organizations?
  • Question 2: Include at least three of the seven components of private-sector risk mitigation and preparedness (as outlined by Bullock et al., in Chapters 3 & 4).
  • Question 3: Provide a title for your plan.


Campbell, A. (2012, September 21). Zombie apocalypse training: HALO Corp. to train military, law enforcement on virus outbreak. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from…


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