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According to Worldometers, in late November, 2018, the U.S. population was 327,726,061 and the world population was estimated at 7,666,602,725. Considering those numbers, do you think the United States is in a population crisis? Do we have enough land and resources to support a continuous increase in population? Should we, as a nation, concentrate on controlling our population or controlling resource use? Why, or why not?


please select one of the items or issues from the bulleted list and provide a substantive main post after you have drafted it, used spell and grammar check and verified its content.

  • What are the elements of the crime of robbery?
  • What are the elements of the crime of burglary?
  • Differentiate car-jacking from robbery
  • What is a home invasion and what are the elements of that crime?
  • Differentiate between professional and amateur robbers
  • Differentiate between professional and amateur burglars


What human resource management activities are performed in your current or former workplace? Which activities are absent? How might those missing activities improve organizational performance?


Watch the following video segment titled “Humans: Destroyers of Ecosystems”: TRANSCRIPT ATTACHED

Discuss at least two benefits that humans derive from forests. How are these benefits affected by forest fragmentation? Do you think humans also lose an important habitat, as natural lands are lost to development? Explain.