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Concorde Career College Use of Nonverbal Messages Discussion

The use of nonverbal messages is beneficial in a variety of ways. It helps with self-expression and observing and understanding people’s behaviors. Nonverbal messages can be observed through a person’s body language and facial expressions. These types of messages can signify a person’s emotional status. For example, people may express their “…level of happiness or sadness or confusion largely through facial expressions” (DeVito 2020). Nonverbal communication within different cultures also greatly influences how people perceive each other during interactions. A general example of this is eye contact. Eye contact is seen as a respectable nonverbal message in Western culture and signifies a person’s confidence and attentiveness. However, this gesture may be considered offensive in some Asian and Middle Eastern cultures (Point Park University Online 2021). In some cases, gender also comes into effect when noting the appropriateness of certain nonverbal gestures. Regarding eye contact in Middle eastern cultures, women are discouraged “…from making eye contact with men as it conveys authority or sexual interest” (Point Park University Online 2021). Nonverbal communication differs across cultures considering that what may be suitable behavior in one culture may be seen as disrespectful in other cultures.


Non verbal communication is very important because it helps you understand people better, also expresses emotions, and make first impressions. Smiling, waving, your tone, and body language are some examples of non verbal communications. These are also important because when you are not using your words people pick up on your body language.

Offer at least one example of non-verbal communication differences between cultures. Be sure to describe what that non-verbal communication means in each culture.

In America, it is found respectful to remain eye contact when speaking or acknowledging someone. Whereas in Morocco when a woman is speaking to another woman, or a man is speaking to another man it is respectful. Although when a woman and man that are not married are talking to each other it is respectful not to remain eye contact, instead to lower our gaze.


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