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Coronavirus Diseasel Article Review Presentation

Critical article review

5 minutes/5 slides maximum: Students will introduce and critically evaluate an article from the presentation readings listed for each week in your Seminar Guide. How you arrange your material and what you include is up to you, but your presentation should:

  • summarise for other students in your class what the article argues
  • demonstrate how the work relates to another academic discussion on the topic (a minimum of three relevant academic sources must be used to contextualize/ augment your presentation article)
  • summarise the key points of interest in the article
  • contain one question for the class to consider that encourages class debate

Other things to note:

  • Students MUST complete this task using Powerpoint slides: any technical difficulties with the file will be your responsibility. Going slightly over on time is OK, but if you go over 5.5 minutes or 5 slides we must be fair to all students, so your tutor will just stop marking. Crafting your work to fit the time/space allowed will give you the best chance of doing well.
  • Slides should be as ‘technically basic’ as possible to facilitate uploading on Collaborate, which doesn’t accept too many fancy bits.
  • Referencing: Your slides should contain in-text references with page numbers where appropriate and the final slide should list your sources – a minimum of three (3) academic sources from suggested course material is required for this task. Using relevant research from your Seminar Guide is required. 
  • Students who choose irrelevant, outdated, or ‘double-dipped’ sources from other courses typically do not do well in this assessment task.
  • Please note that assessment of academic sources will be much more highly regarded than media/internet sources. 
  • Your presentation should be uploaded to Turnitin before you present.  
  • Use the rubric below as a checklist and, for further advice, access the file on Moodle relating to this task.


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