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Cortometraje La Rutina Analysis

I’m trying to learn for my Spanish class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

This is a 2 part assignment. The 1st part is the initial post. The 2nd part is replying to 2 classmates posts. Once you complete the post I will post here 2 classmates posts for you to write a short response to.


Write your own sentences in Spanish using the vocabulary and grammar you have learned in this module. Do NOT use a translator like Google or Babelfish, etc.

  1. Watch the short film and note the reflexive and non-reflexive actions of the person in the film (mira el cortometraje y nota las acciones reflexivas y no reflexivas de la persona):RUTINA – cortometraje | Ganador del concurso 2014
  2. Read the following quotes about the effect of our daily routines on our future. Then follow the instructions provided.”El pasado no puede cambiar. El futuro todavía está en tu poder” Autora desconocida”El secreto de tu futuro está escondido en tu rutina diaria” M. MurdockToma inspiración en las citas anteriores para escribir la rutina diaria ideal de un estudiante exitoso.Using the reflexive and non reflexive verb conjugations take us through the various daily activities a successful student does and does not do. Each post should be 5 sentence minimum in length, only in Spanish and should include both reflexive and non reflexive verb conjugations, as well as indefinite and negative words.

Model: Un buen estudiante se levanta temprano siempre.

After you have finished your writing your post, read and comment on a minimum of two classmate’s ideal routines for a successful student. You may disagree with what constitutes a successful student and a successful daily routine, in fact that will make for an engaging and perhaps even humorous discussion. It will also provide good practice of the negative words listed on page 240 of your textbook. So while being respectful, you may get creative with your daily routines.


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