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Counseling Supervision Responses Questions

I need two responses to two students. The initial post is finished, I will attach it for reference of my original thoughts on the assignment. 

This is the initial question: 

Please review the vignette and answer the questions below. Please respond to at lease two of your peers.
Dr. Allen has been supervising Tony, a master’s-level social work intern working part-time in a university counseling center. Dr. Allen, a professor in the social work program, teaches the Clinical Interventions Seminar in which Tony is a student. In today’s supervision session, Tony expresses dissatisfaction with the direction of the supervision of her work in the counseling center. Tony explains that she feels as though Dr. Allen simply tells her how to work with her clients without any discussion or input from her. To Tony, it seems like a one-way street. Tony believes she learns best through discussion and collaboration with a supervisor. Dr. Allen listens attentively but views Tony’s dissatisfaction as “resistance to supervision” and sees Tony as not being open to supervision. Dr. Allen decides not to change his approach with Tony.

If you were the supervisor, how might you receive and respond to Tony’s expression of dissatisfaction? What would you most want to say to Tony? As the supervisor, how would you proceed to resolve this situation? How could you do so in a manner that would be a learning experience for Tony?

I ONLY need the two student responses. The initial question is provided just for you to understand the content fully. Each response needs to be at least 2-3 paragraphs each with at least 4+ sentences per paragraph and my professor also likes 2-3 thought-provoking questions to be included in the response in regards to the material and counseling. Single-spaced. No cover page. APA. Use at least one reference for each which can be the book or another scholarly source. This is for a clinical mental health counseling graduate major, which is different from a psychologist or psychiatrist. It is for studying to be a therapist/counselor so write according to this perspective. Attached is the two student’s posts and my initial discussion response.


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