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Reflect on your learning experiences during this course. Take into account the different types of adversaries, assets, and vulnerabilities; what was the most important thing that you learned about forming strategies to combat or deter threats within the criminal justice professional’s scope of responsibility? How can you apply these concepts in your own life on a daily basis?

In posts to your peers, discuss whether their choices are locally or globally focused. Is the current geopolitical climate influencing their choices?

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Peer post 1

Hello everyone and congrats on making it to the end.

The most important thing I learned, well actually two, are to properly identify critical assets. It is important to know that certain assets may have more of an impact should they be impacted by an adversary or damaging component. Likewise, it is also important to remember that the threat landscape is constantly changing and in order to stay abreast of new developments it is important to realize that global and domestic threats can become apparent through all forms of cyber platforms, including social media. Moving forward in my life and career, I will keep a keen eye on what is possibly an area of weakness whether it be through online shopping, breaching my financial information, or my home not being properly secure – creating a vulnerability to intruders. I hope everyone has the most success going forward and good luck!

Peer post 2

Hello Class and Professor,

This class has really opened my eyes to another part of defining threats and assessing the capabilities of those threats. When I first saw this course and went through the course syllabus and assignments I really thought I was going to be lost and confused more than half the time, although sometimes I was ha-ha….I really do think that it is pertinent for people to understand adversaries, assets and vulnerabilities. I think I have learned a lot more about adversaries and how to detect them and the capabilities of those adversaries depending on the type and their targets. Truly that was the most interesting to learn about for me. I do think when it comes to threats, it can be easier to determine the type of vulnerabilities people can pose and for example why a terrorist would choose a certain target but to understand fully of that adversary and why exactly they are targeting what they are is interesting and important when entering into the criminal justice field.

I think every day subconsciously we all apply these concepts to our every day routines. Locking our house and cars. Making sure our keys are in hand when walking to our cars at night, locking the door before bed, making sure windows are locked and secure when living on first floors and being aware of your surroundings. These are all things I think about on a daily basis (really because my father has mentally beat it in my head to do so because of his career) and to be smart about places you go and people you surround yourself with.

This class has really taught me the fundamentals of threat assessments, how to determine a threat, the categories of a threat and how to secure and demolish that threat. Not just on a personal level but on a national and global level as well.

I really did enjoy this course and I wish everyone the best of luck!