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Covid19 Pandemic Discussion

For this week discussion, I would like to use our most recent social issue that I could think of. This pandemic has taught me that people are very careless toward one another. Towards the ending of 2019, Covid has emerged and spread nationwide. Covid has killed and is still currently taking lives of innocent people. Not only was it a social problem but has become an economical issue has people has been at risk or has lost their homes. Somehow, it amazes me how careless I have seen people acting towards this pandemic.

Miami has had many risen cases of Covid, but social gatherings were still happening despite curfews. This is a behavior that the government has tried to decrease with the help of vaccines, but citizens refuse to be vaccinated. There are many people with help issues that must be always protected, but there are individuals from the younger generations who are projecting careless acts without wearing a mask, and still not wanting to be vaccinated.

There have been many areas where the government has been trying to enforce vaccinations. Eventually, I believe the covid vaccination would be mandatory, but I believe there could be other measures that could promote the desire to be vaccinated. From my person experience, I have heard many people express their lack of understanding the importance of the vaccine because it does not seem to be a cure to the pandemic itself. I think educating the science behind the vaccine could help many people understand the job of the vaccine and promote the opportunity to be vaccinated. People tend to forget that we were here once before, with virus es that killed many before our time. Vaccines were promoted for those viruses as well. I am not sure why vaccines seem to be new news to our society in today’s time.


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