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CQU Advanced research questions3 ss

The literature review gives the reader (and the examiner) the necessary background to understand the study by citing the investigations and findings of previous researchers and documents the researcher’s knowledge and preparation to investigate the problem.

Studying the existing literature is one of the essential preliminary tasks when you undertake a research study. This enables you to acquaint yourself with the available body of knowledge in your specific area of research. “The literature review is an integral part of the research process and makes a valuable contribution to almost every operational step” (Kumar, R. Research Methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners, 3rd ed, Sage 2011).

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MITS6011 Assessments

The literature review will be discussed in class and examples given, the literature review would normally constitute Chapter 2 in a research report, see suggested guidelines in (report.doc, chapter 2)

The submission for the Literature Review has been divided into a number of submissions so the Unit lecturer can gauge the student’s progression on this important topic early.

Session 8 Discussion – Concept Map

This will not be submitted online but checked in class only during the individual discussions with each of the students. The concept map is a graphical representation of your intended structure of the literature review. From the concept map we should be able to discern the structure of the literature review and how you intend to proceed, including any thematic partitioning of the references.

Session 9 Discussion – First Page

This will not be submitted online but checked in class only during the individual discussions with each of the students. This will be the first page of Literature Review including any references cited in the first page.

Session 10 Submission – Full Literature Review

Submit this chapter by the due date and time to the assignment drop-box. The submission must include your concept map and first page of literature review that were discussed with the lecturer


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